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It is an ultimate fat loss program, combined with a perfect exercise regimen including free nutrition plan helping you to increase metabolism, burn calories and increase lean body mass along with fitness tips, inspiration, encouragement & also will help you to get into the spirit of healthy living.


Body maintenance changes from individual to individual. Therefore, we personalize exercises for our clientele and check on their training pattern. So, a set of exercises are given each and every day in the total week resulting in an inevitable fat loss.


Health recovery training allows your muscles to repair themselves and to engage muscles that are sore from your workout. There are also different things to recover and strength like slip disk, back pain, knee pain, spondylosis etc to help move the process along and come out ready to perform better than your pre-rest stage.


Working out at home with a trainer is the ideal solution for you. Home workouts offer flexibility and can be more efficient. It all depends on how you use your time and equipment to maximize your effort.A Home Personal Trainer, assess your goals & needs with right guidance and help you with nutritional guidance through your fitness routine.

General Fitness Training


Keeping the age, physical condition and requirement of an individual, our trainers develop programs, instruct them and issue workout schedule cards to achieve their fitness goals.

Virtual Training

It is a remote online-fitness programme that provides personalized and group fitness along nutrition plans, delivered by our expert team of coaches and nutritionists offering support all the time.

Kids Athletic Training

We concentrate on kids’ athletic training as physical activity and sports training keep the kids active & has many benefits for the body including increased cardiovascular fitness, bone health, decreased risk of obesity, improved sleep, and better coordination and balance.


Zumba is a form of entertaining workout which ensures a high calorie burn. It is a set of choreographed dance movements which will soothe your soul and assure the stretching of the muscles and also reduces stress.

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Client Testimonials

  • Very nice place for a workout. A bit pricey on the charges but other than that, it's the best.

    Rhea Bhambhani Avatar Rhea Bhambhani
    January 26, 2024

    Very excellent gym sir I'm happy for giving this opportunity.. Thank you for. Malla Reddy Garu and Thank you for chikka srinivas sir...

    Khadeer Ahmed Qureshi Avatar Khadeer Ahmed Qureshi
    January 26, 2024

    Very profession gym. Trainer Zameer, Manager Dhanashree, Nutritionist Manasa and all the other staff members are friendly and very professional at their work.

    Shashank Uppala Avatar Shashank Uppala
    March 5, 2024

    Iam from Malla Reddy University.we are training under Harish (trainer/coach) . The training program was very nice and also recieving useful inputs from the trainer as well . The trainer is guiding us very well . Thank you

    Narani Bharath Avatar Narani Bharath
    October 26, 2023

    Best gym my coach shadab is excellent his technical knowledge is very good very very alert catches on if u r doing a mistake immediately I would recommend this gym to anyone who loves a good work out regime . Very very professional Manager Ms Maishna gives u excellent suggestion and advise as to which program to take and how will it help u.

    learoid Francis Avatar learoid Francis
    September 18, 2022


    jagadish Anjali Avatar jagadish Anjali
    October 18, 2022

    After months of looking for a gym that focuses more on overall health and less on short-term gains, I was recommended Fitness 9. True to it’s name, it focuses on the overall fitness both mental and physical. Shadab Sir will not only push you to your limits but will also guide you in the right direction and will help you understand your fitness journey. Everyday they construct a new workout plan and there’s always something to take back.

    Jasveen Kaur Kohli Avatar Jasveen Kaur Kohli
    March 4, 2023

    Very neatly maintained gym. Great place to workout with flexible timings. Had helpful trainers and excellent equipment

    Mounika S Jammalamadaka Avatar Mounika S Jammalamadaka
    April 3, 2022

  • I am a student of malla Reddy University. I have joined the gym recently.the trainer here are very good all the equipments are perfect. I love it really

    Vittu Patel Avatar Vittu Patel
    October 26, 2023

    I am from Mallareddy University I have joined fitness9. The Gym is too good and the instruments are worth enough for the workout

    Nagesh Nagam Avatar Nagesh Nagam
    October 26, 2023

    Iam ch.balreddy i joined the fitness gym 9 in mallareddy University. The maintenance of gym was extraordinary and the superd compare to other I never seen this kind of gym in my future thank you very much management and md chikka srinivas sir garu

    media thumbnail 0

    November 19, 2023

    Hands down, best choice I’ve made for my fitness journey.. VERY friendly team who make me actually want to go for workout. I look forward to walking through the doors and always feel amazing when I leave. The workouts are fun, the fellow members are inspiring, the workouts are led by personal trainers who give hands on instant feedback and adjustments during the workouts and just the right amount of encouragement. The music is blaring and the atmosphere is awesome. SHADHAB Sir.. is an incredible trainer, his encouragement and constant motivation pushed me to heights I never thought possible. Thank you for inspiring me to be excellent in everything I do. The one hour training goes super fast and I really enjoy doing it. Everyday is a new training, so it is never boring

    Bhavana Kacham Avatar Bhavana Kacham
    September 18, 2022

    I'm from Mallareddy University. Trainer Harish is the best because his concern towards students is very nice 👍👍

    Harish Mogili Avatar Harish Mogili
    October 26, 2023

    Thank you so much chikka srinivas Rao garu for conducting cardio kick boxing for free.we are so happy and making everyone healthy. Thank you.

    Ravi kiran Thallapally Avatar Ravi kiran Thallapally
    October 26, 2023

    Good health and recovery training facility. Knee pain issues are handled very well. Trainers are knowledgeable and provide customised workout plans.

    Uma Aggarwal Avatar Uma Aggarwal
    January 26, 2024

    I am from mallareddy University I have joined fitness9 recently and the gym equipments are worth enough and good

    Sangi Srujan Avatar Sangi Srujan
    October 26, 2023

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