“Why do I hold the bar with one hand facing you, the other facing away?” I have got many messages asking this question. So here’s the answer. It is called “mixed grip”. The mixed grip stops the bar from rolling out from your hands. It improves your grip for Deadlifts by cancelling the rotation of the bar. The mixed grip is safe if you Deadlift with proper form. AND THE MIXED GRIP ISN’T CHEATING. The mixed grip is better than normal grip when you are lifting heavy weights. Why?? Because… With the normal grip you have eight fingers on one side of the but only two thumbs on the other side. When your thumbs fail to keep your hands closed, the bar rolls to you. This opens your hands and causes you to lose the bar. With the mixed grip you grab the bar like a baseball bat: one hand facing up, the other down. The bar can no longer rotate in your hands. This increases your grip strength for Deadlifts. With the normal grip, the bar always rolls down because both hands face you. #StayFitWithFitness9