Fitness9 Gym a full view of equipment

FITNESS9 GYM & STUDIO near Gunrock, Secunderabad provides various fitness programs throughout the day. A client can walk in anytime and sweat it out. “No Nonsense, just work out” – with an aggressive motto,  FITNESS9 offers many programs as

Cardio Fusion workouts:- Zumba, Kickboxing, Core, Step Workout & Weight Training.

●Gym:- General Training & Personal training

●Special Program -12weeks, 15kgs Body sculpt Weight loss program,

●Health recovery program- Knee & Back Strengthening & many more.

●Fit-eaters (Nutrition)

●Wet Area- Lockers, Showers, Changing Room, Massage & Steam.

FITNESS9 also has all the required cardio equipment & machinery.

FITNESS9 stands at a position of training a significant number of clients and making them fit.